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Rodizio, roots and origins.

It is believed that rodizio style of dining started in the Southern-most region. Some stories have mentioned that it was the gauchos, or cowboys that lived in the fields and farmlands of Brazil, that made their way of living a revolutionary culinary tradition.

Gauchos were known to raise cattle and cultivate the land in order to make a living. In groups, gauchos migrated their cattle from the South of Brazil from Rio Grande do Sul, to northern regions like Sao Paulo, it has been said they would often stop to cook grilled meats on skewers over open fire pits. This practice remained a staple for the gaucho culture that is still celebrated today.

Over the years many restaurants have stepped up to claim their title as the birthplace of rodizio. However, it is unclear where it originated and how it became a worldwide culinary attraction. What is true is that rodizio is and has been great experience for meat lovers of any age.

Offerings of sizzling cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and even other cuts like chicken hearts and lamb are offered on skewers. These meats are cut table side and served in a temperature of your liking. Like most traditional churrascarias Brazeiro Churrascaria offers a salad bar with authentic Brazilian accompaniments to compliment your mouth-watering pieces of beef.


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